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Repujado is the art of pushing, working or making a relief (three dimensional) in metal to give it an embossed look.

Vestiges of this art comes from the 12th Century and is called Repujado in Spanish and Repoussé in French. Domestic and ornamental objects were made of metals such as gold, silver and copper. These metals were laminated by heating and then hammering. Naturally the tools were few and primitive.

One of the most appreciated techniques of embossing were Icons. The Icons were used to represent a sacred image and  painted figures were covered with metals that were embossed to create the movement of the robes, legs and arms and to reproduce the ornamental details of the crowns and backgrounds. The painters were using this technique to protect their paints from the smoke of the candles and from people touching them.

This technique was used for several centuries but the interest for this art was lost. By the 1920’s and 1930’s the art was revived again in France but not for making Icons but as an object art such as lamps, trays, chandeliers, boxes, vases, frames and more; but again the art became lost because of wars.   20 years ago this art was once again revived in Europe, especially in Spain and about 8 years ago in Mexico.

I have taken this art to another level.  I create beautiful pieces of art fashioned after Neo-Classical designs or other designs of various themes from the Masters of ages past.  Please notice the intricate details in the metal.  I truly hope you enjoy the beauty. 









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